Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Palm Springs Blast

I'm SO eager to share every one of the subtleties of my epic bachelorette party in Palm Springs! It was passed on the most fabulous few days of my life thus far (have an inclination wedding end of the week will best that - hah!), and I am eager to remember it with you. Continue looking for every one of the pics, deets, custom data, and outfits. Likewise, there's another post up on Deadly Beautiful with five hints for setting up an enormous Bachelorette Party. Having 18 ladies unquestionably adds some enjoyable to the arranging (holler to my house cleaner of respect and bridesmaids), yet wow, was it so justified, despite all the trouble having every one of my top picks together for a mind-blowing end of the week. The weekend likewise denoted my 32nd birthday henceforth the #bdaybashlorette tag, and everybody made it so uncommon! 

As I referenced in my SMP article, a schedule is ALWAYS so supportive when there's a significant gathering of individuals. I had ZERO section in arranging my single woman except for the list of people to attend and the area which was THE BEST since howdy, I'm right now arranging a wedding! The following was our end of the weekly agenda, and this is the Airbnb we remained at (if the connection doesn't work it implies they removed the posting - here are different choices): 


7 pm | Pizza + Wine 

9 pm | Movie Screening 


9 am | Coffee + Gossip (the majority of us wound up working #adulting) 

10 am | Poolside Lounging 

12 pm | Lunch @ Arrive Hotel 

3 pm | Leisure 

7 pm | Pre-supper Cocktails 

8:30 pm | Dinner

10 pm | Dancing 


9 am | Bagels + Bloodies 

10 am | Poolside Lounging 

12 pm | Lunch from Sandwich Spot 

2 pm | Visit from the Manservants (this was a shock and not on the printed schedule) 

8 pm | Fiesta Dinner


11 am | Check Out 

11:30 am | Brunch 
The schedule was the ideal blend of gathering time and loosening uptime, so nobody at any point felt excessively spent! Regarding our Friday night, I can't propose Birba Palm Springs enough. It is such yummy Italian nourishment, and they suited our enormous gathering with a prix fixe menu served family-style. After that, we went out to Zeldas which is THE dance club in Palm Springs. That spot is a hoot and they'll give single women an extremely fun treat from a portion of their male artists if you catch my drift. We went there for my 30th as well - they never frustrate. I'm almost certain the young ladies + Eddie have some genuinely intriguing photographs and vids on their telephone that will appear on my 50th birthday celebration or something. 

That night we settled on an outfit topic where everybody donned dark, and I sported white. At first, I would not like to do anything like that cuz it felt gooey; however, my bridesmaids persuaded me. TBH, it wound up making me feel extremely extraordinary, mainly when we were out on the town in PS! In case you're searching for a single girl outfit, I shared a lot of fab thoughts a week ago. Talking about themes... 

I about kicked the bucket when I saw the sweatshirts the young ladies made because the subject is to make sure me! If you've never observed the motion picture Troop Beverly Hills, at that point, WATCH it since it's funny, thus engaging. As a young lady scout for a long time, the film and the topic represent me. Likewise, so fitting since I have this clan otherwise known as the troop of stunning companions supporting me on this next adventure throughout everyday life! 

Here are my main three spots for custom Bachelorette Decor: 

  • For Your Party: napkins, plates, cups, and that's only the tip of the iceberg 
  • Society 6: cushions, embroidered works of art, seashore towels, and that's just the beginning 
  • Nuclear Craftworks: drink stirrers, cake toppers, custom signs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg 

The majority of my Bachelorette Party stylistic layout originated from one of those three spots! Our sweatshirts were handcrafted, including the Troop Palm Springs fix, be that as it may, we just included the Troop Palm Springs structure to Society 6, so you can get it imprinted on anything! 

Saturday was by a wide margin the most important day since we never went out! We, as a whole, woke up lovely hungover from our night out at Zelda's, and one of my bridesmaids made the most delicious egg meal. From that point, it was only a day of drinking by the pool and unwinding. Between the organization, our Funboy pool buoys, and Joymode rentals, I felt extremely engaged; however, the ladies had different plans...

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Smokin' Joe's Davis Oklahoma

The original Smokin' Joe's BBQ in Davis Oklahoma

I first discovered Smokin' Joe's back in 2007 while I was living in Oklahoma. 11 years ago the internet and search engines weren't what the arr today but you could still find restaurant reviews online quite a bit. I was living in the area and I wanted to find some good food in the area. I searched Google and came across a travel blog mentioning Smokin' Joe's
The guy raved about the place so I had to check it out.

Hard to find

Talk about a hole in the wall. I little drove past this place every day and had no idea what it was. Back then I believe they were only open Fridays and Saturdays, possibly Thursdays. But the rest of the week it was empty but on the weekends it had cars and trucks lining the streets with people. 

Love at first bite

When you walked in or even pulled up to the drive-thru window all you smelled was the aroma of smoked meat. I ordered the 3 meat meal because I wanted to try everything on the menu. The first bite into the brisket was like heaven. The pulled pork and chicken were just as incredible.

Smokin" Joe's BBQ in Davis Oklahoma 3 meta platter

Portion size

The portions were crazy! There was enough in the 3 meat platter for 2-3 people. The sides are large and the okra is perfect. It is really hard to get good fried okra outside of Oklahoma. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Peanut Shop In Port Clinton Pennsylvania

The Peanut Shop is located on Route 61 in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania, just north of Hamburg. Port Clinton was a stop on the Schuylkill Canal. Today it is just a tiny and quiet town. This little gem is a must-see tourist stop. Located just north of Cabelas in Hamburg, the Peanut Shop has been a local treasure for decades. The shop is located inside of a 19th-century tavern on the very busy Rt 61.

Candies from the Past

They have hundreds if not thousands of sweets in their shop and many that I have not seen since my childhood. They have varieties that were popular in the '50s and 60's up to today's favorites. This is the candy shop for those of us that are nostalgic. The candies brought back a lot of childhood memories for me.

If you are traveling through Hamburg or stopping in to see Cabelas take the few minutes to go to the Peanut Shop, you will be glad you did.

Palm Springs Blast

I'm SO eager to share every one of the subtleties of my epic bachelorette party in Palm Springs! It was passed on the most fabulous...